Civil Rights

Civil Rights Law

The Constitution of the United States guarantees rights to its citizens in order to form a society free from tyranny. Practicing this area of law means challenging the government itself. Though our laws afford citizens many protections, when the government violates its own rules and causes harm to citizens as a result, a civil rights lawyer is the proper recourse.

Civil rights lawyers are the last bastions of freedom in our society. Robert Rush actively practices Civil Rights Law.

Civil rights cases require an intimate understanding of the operation of the government and the rules of State & Federal civil law. Because Robert Rush is one of only four lawyers in Florida who is dual certified by the Florida Bar as an Expert in Civil Trial Law and Criminal Trial Law, he is uniquely qualified to provide premium representation in civil rights cases.

Robert A. Rush, P.A. has actual jury trial experience in:

  • False arrest
  • Police misconduct
  • Excessive force
  • School abuse
  • Governmental wrongdoing