Our Firm in the News

Here are a few of the headlines we made fighting for our clients.

Civil rights – Federal judge finds Marion County Sheriff’s Office liable for beating of suspect. https://www.wcjb.com/content/news/Civil-lawsuit-filed-against-Marion-County-Sheriffs-Office-528891221.html

Murder on UF campus got the wrong man. “Rush, who won a dismissal of the original case against Vedam, has questioned numerous elements of the investigation, from how it was handled to the significance of the blood on the computer case.” https://www.gainesville.com/news/20050313/murder-case-still-pending

The Rush team won the civil case for Hip-Hop Rapper “Plies” wrongfully accused of nightclub shooting.
https://www.gainesville.com/article/LK/20120404/News/604134871/GThe Rush Team sued Waldo over illegal police practices, Waldo closes PD. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/florida-town-infamous-for-speed-traps-disbanding-police-force/

Robert Rush taking on the University of Florida legal team and winning. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20170209/uf-hit-with-public-records-lawsuit

Robert Rush nominated for Gainesville citizen award. https://www.gainesville.com/article/20120827/news/604153926

Rush representing abused inmates in civil lawsuits. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20141103/sheriff-jail-rape-allegation-taken-seriously

Green Bay Packers player hires Rush, wins. https://www.gainesville.com/news/20151218/starke-police-return-pickup-190k-seized-after-letroy-guions-marijuana-arrest

The NFL players call Rush. https://www.news4jax.com/news/florida/bradford-county/starke-police-return-nfl-players-pickup-190k