Commercial Litigation

Agreements and disagreements between businesses are settled civilly in what is known as commercial litigation. Disputes often include contracts, land rights, covenants and regulations. The livelihood of many Americans depends on the ability to enforce the rights built through their businesses.

Commercial litigation law requires fastidious attention to detail, knowledge of specific rules and compliance with time restraints. Marian Rush and Robert Rush actively practice commercial litigation. Robert A. Rush, P.A.'s experience in this area includes:

  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant
  • Contract enforcement
  • Business law
  • Land use and zoning

The Gainesville commercial lawyers of Robert A. Rush, P.A. have been helping navigate business disputes and rights in our home town for many years. If your company has a legal issue, it is important to contact our Gainesville commercial lawyers as soon as possible. The commercial attorneys at Robert A. Rush, P.A. here in Gainesville, Florida are committed to helping you protect your business.